About Me

Hi there! My name is Patrick Boelens, I'm 23 years old and currently living in the Netherlands. My main interests lie with (3D) content creation and programming.

Patrick 101
When I was around 15 years old I found some free tutorials on Macromedia Flash 8 and started taking an interest in digital art. This remained a small hobby of mine for about two to three years, during which I also started animating and scripting in Actionscript 2 a bit. By this time I'd also given 3D modeling several attempts, all of which failed miserably. When I was 17 I happened to stumble upon a tutorial series for the 3D-program Blender by chance (Coincidentally, these tutorials were created by the same site as the ones that originally got me into Flash). I followed the tutorial series with relative ease and quickly got the hang of the program. I participated in several Speed Modeling Challenges over IRC, took part in a few animation contests and started posting more of my works to DeviantArt. Shortly after, I started my first year of Communication & Multimedia Design where I focused mostly on 3D modeling and programming.

I'm a generally easy-going guy with a passion for creating things, whether they are stills, animations, games or addons. Some of my other hobbies include watching anime, shows and movies, eating delicious food, playing video games and kicking your butt in Super Smash Bros. ;)