string title = "Eat Sheep"
string url = ""
int year = 2011
string description = "A top-down iOS game made in Unity for which I did most of the programming. \n
                      Features of the game I worked on include player control, placeable objects, \n
                      in-app purchases, HUD and menus, sheep AI and special moves. I also integrated \n
                      and expanded the path-finding system. The languages used are Javascript, C# and Objective-C."

string title = "Triball"
string url = null
int year = 2011
string description = "A third-person Unity game I did part of the programming for. \n
                      Most of the game was written in Javascript, with a few C# elements. I \n
                      worked on features like the player states, saving and loading, conversations \n
                      and enemy AI."

string title = "Reddit Halloween Exchange Game"
string url = ""
int year = 2013
string description = "A top-down game I did for 2013's reddit halloween exchange. \n
                      The game was written in JavaScript and uses the HTML5 canvas object for the rendering. \n
                      Production of this game, including the art assets, took around 2-3 weeks of on and off work."

string title = "Pokémon Battle Creator"
string url = ""
int year = 2012
string description = "A simple editor for creating battle images as those seen in the Pokémon games. \n
                      Creation of this fan-project was prompted after several users on reddit began requesting suchlike \n
                      images for use as phone call and contact images. Written fully in JavaScript and making use of the \n
                      HTML5 canvas object for rendering."

string title = "Zombie Slayer (working title)"
string url = null
int year = 2011
string description = "This is a small game I did as a side project to see how far I'd get and to \n
                      reacquaint myself with Flash and Actionscript3.0. I'm responsible for everything \n
                      visual (modeling, skinning/ rigging, animating and shading), scripting and the game/ level design. \n
                      All audio is done by Kasper den Ouden. The game itself \n
                      is loosely based on this video by Kimmi Smiles and features her and fellow youtuber Davedays".

string title = "Nevia Online - Avatar Customization"
string url = "" (defunct)
int year = 2011
string description = "A web-based avatar dress-up page I made. \n
                      All interactivity is being handled through AJAX and PHP/ MySQL. \n
                      I also created an item uploader for the same site, where the uploader \n
                      can enter various properties such as name, gender and item description."